What's On Tap

Our Beer

Royal Pride IPA: This India Pale Ale is aggressively hopped and has intense maltiness. High hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Medium fruitiness and body with a light amber color. The proprietor's favorite.

Kurt Brownnegut: An American Brown Ale. An easy drinking, moderately malty brown ale with a toasty, chocolaty and nutty complexity. Carefully balanced with American Columbus hops.

Northern Kolsch: A golden ale that is refreshing all year long. Very pale in color and mild in flavor. Delicately hopped with a clean, crisp finish in the German Kölsch fashion. Our most popular brew.

Brewhouse ESB: This English-style Extra Special Bitter is a well-balanced ale with medium maltiness, medium hop bitterness, flavor and armoa with some fruitiness. Medium body with a deep amber color.  

Oktoberfest: Our Oktberfest or Fest Bier is medium-bodied, crisp and slightly toasty with a touch of sweetness in the finish. Its smooth clean, somewhat rich, with a depth of malt character. Prost! 

22nd Anniversary Imperial Czech Pilsner: A strong golden lager inspired by the famous pilsners of the Czech Republic. Made with Czech pilsner malt and firmly balanced with the elusive Saaz hop, this beer is easy drinking yet powerful. 

Royal Oak Red: A malty, sweet full-bodied ale. Malty to the nos with little hop aroma. Rich caramel flavor with some fruitiness. Low hop bitterness and a rich red color. 

Devil's Blood Black Lager: Brewed with the finest German malts and hops this Schwarzbier, or Black Lager, has hints of chocolate and coffee but, unlike a Porter or a Stout, it's surprisingly smooth and crisp.